From  psychotic Marine Colonel, to obsessive-compulsive psychiatrist, to outrageously funny game show host, Brian is a versatile actor, writer and comedian, performing in theatre, film, and television, as well as improvisational and stand-up comedy.

Brian grew up in Long Island, New York. As a young boy, inspired by the original “Saturday Night Live”, he wrote and performed comedy sketches with his two sisters and cousins.  Years later, he would train at the same school where these famous comedians studied.

Brian learned early on the value of hard work from his father, who owned a successful exterminating business in the Bronx.  Brian, the presumed heir to the “pest kingdom”, often accompanied him to work. “One day we made a service call to a Chinese restaurant that was loaded with rats. My dad gave me his flashlight, a bucket of poison and told me to check out the basement….. I was seven!”  Despite his father’s “progressive” parenting skills, Brian’s exposure to the business and diverse personalities of customers was invaluable.

After graduating the State University of New York at Albany (BS in Psychology), Brian moved to New York City, got certified as a personal trainer and started acting. He immersed himself into scene study classes, working with brilliant instructors including: Terry Schreiber, Denny Albee and Thomas R. Waits.  He scored his first role as a subway passenger, in the film ”Carlito’s Way”.  Despite the long grueling shoot, Brian had the rare pleasure of working directly with Al Pacino (they even shared a coke).

  Brian continued adding credits to his resume, performing on stage and television. He has since performed in numerous plays including the musical comedy, "Kindergarten Confidential and the outrageous,"The Fallout".  Television credits include: "All My Children", "As The World Turns", "Law and Order" and "Rescue Me".  Most recent film credits include: the action adventure "Echo's Wayward", the romantic comedy "These People" and the surreal drama "Solomon Grundy". 

Brian is also a seasoned improvisational performer, graduating programs at: Second City, Chicago City Limits, Improvolution and The Magnet Theatre.  He created and performed with the improv troupes: “Reality TV Live”, “Brian’s Epic Tan” and ”Rough House”.   A natural-born funny man, Brian also performs stand-up comedy in New York’s hottest clubs, such as Comix and Caroline’s Comedy Club.

Whether it is a comedy or drama, on stage or screen, Brian enjoys the challenge of his ever-changing roles.  His outstanding sense of humor as well as varied experience and training provides him an invaluable means for his imaginative and dynamic work and make this versatile character actor one to watch.